Tanix TX3 Max with ALICE UX

The TX3 Max features the new Amlogic S905W. A recommended cost/efective SoC and 2GB RAM memory added 16GB eMMC storage. With the new ALICE UX you can experience a better navigation. TX3 Max also includes some awesome features as a Root ON/OFF switch or Auto Framerate function. Beautiful in fact!


If you are looking for an Android TV Box your choice is Tanix. A brand, design house and a factory. All in one.

Tanix TX3 Mini - Amlogic S905W2

Tanix TX3 Mini S905W


Tanix H3 - HiSilicon Hi3798mv130

Tanix H3 - HiSilicon hi3798mv130


Tanix TX2 - Rockchip RK3229

Tanix TX2 RK3229

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