Tanix TX3 Max & Mini Dual OS Edition – LibreELEC + Android firmware

Tanix TX3 Max & Mini LibreELEC + Android Dual Boot Download

Firmware information:

Build version: 20180109

Kind of files: Full image (.img) and update (.zip)

Android version: 7.1 with ALICE UX

LibreELEC version: 8.2

How to use: Flashing by Amlogic Burning Tool or updating by TF/USB memory (by using Update app).

Hardware version:


Storage: 8GB/16GB

Last changes:

From 1.0 (20171228) version to this one (1.1 – 20180109) you can find these improvements

  1. Fixed menu key (hamburger button). Working now.
  2. Allow installation of addons from unkown sources.
  3. The vfd can show wifi, eth, usb, play, pause.
  4. LibreELEC Reboot Window. Now you can reboot to android from every skin. Just press “Power” button on your remote.

How to switch between systems:

When you are in Android or LibreELEC, just long press “power” button on your remote. It will open a window that allows you to reboot from the other system. Next time the system will remember your choice. Anytime you can reboot from the other system by this way.

How to install:

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Amlogic S905L Quad Core 2Ghz

1GB (16-bits) RAM - 8GB eMMC Storage

Real 1080p UI + 4K@60fps video output

Exodux Android TV Box EX1 IPTV